World of Wowcrack

Confession time –

– I’ve returned to what I though was the point of no return for me.

Yup I’m back playing WoW. What can I say I’m indecisive.

You know what though ? I don’t really feel bad about it this time.

For me WoW is the most fulfilling MMO out there for those of us who haven’t been blessed with endless amounts of free time, it’s a fun game and one that you can jump in and out of with ease.

On my most recent return I’ve actually been dabbling with classes I have never played before or played beyond a very low level including hunter, priest, warlock and mage. It’s been undeniably fun jumping around various alts and if I’m honest a bit of a challenge as a player learning the different play styles and rotations involved.

Now sure it would be fun to alternate between all of them however my main aim was to create a character I can focus on and play as my PvE toon of choice, with this in mind I have been assessing which class I found the most fun and potential to play at end game………..In the end it was an easy choice and I settled on my Fire mage Darnell (frost is boring as hell).

I’m currently level 32 at the minute and to be honest I’m just having a blast (literally) jumping in and out of the dungeon finder whilst also doing the odd quest or two or gathering herbs to sell on AH (when did the healing with lifebloom get nerfed?!!). It’s just kinda fun to be playing without any pressure in the knowledge that I’m playing just for ‘fun’ without putting any real pressure on achievements or getting this or that.

At the end of the day whilst I have little interest in being the best mage in the world I’m open to any advise from experienced players with regards to must have talents/ glyphs/rotations and indeed addons.

Overall I’m happy where I’m at with my gaming now I just need to show the blog a bit more love

Wow – Doomsayers

Don’t you just love to hate them.  “This game is failing!” “WoW is better, WotLK is coming and WAR will die!” “Sorcss make this game suck!  I’m taking my eleven million accounts and unsubbing!”

wowSeriously, what is with all the doomsayers who play for 30 minutes, make a incoherent forum post about how the game sucks which generally ends up being a tldr – ranting about how this game should be like that other game aka ‘IN WOW THIS DOES THIS AND THIS NOT THIS UR GAEM SUX’.

I read this rather interesting post here about how WoW was the death of the MMO genre.  Sure, call me hypocritical, but what is in this post really rings true.  Think about it, almost all the new MMO releases have been an adaption of the same old concept, granted this concept started waaaaay back in EQ and beyond – WoW just dumbed it down, alot.

Lets reflect a little, WAR is has in recent months brought a bit of fresh air into now a monopolised genre, and even then unfortunately its not much.  Its brought innovations which almost iconically has been assimilated into WoW.

I’m willing to wager that 1.1 will see so many improvements it will typically leave Blizzard in the dust scrabbling to rip it off *coughachievementscough*.

Wow Order counter attack, WAAAGH in full swing !

So today, after pushing Order back to Reikland after locking Praag, Order began to rally and counter attack this afternoon.  They managed to absolutely trump our feat of locking a zone of last night to pushing us all the way back to our Fortress in 4 hours.  Impressive, (un)fortunately for us, the server crashed and then reset and bugged all zones from Chaos Wastes to Praag.

What was revealed however from this is the collective stupidity of Destruction, not to rag on anyone or anything.  It is to their credit to keep riding out into the Order and feed meat to the grinder, but the sense of what they were doing was futile probablyh didn’t sink in, helping Order gain the zone.  Sure I go on about Destro not fighting, but when they’re just trickling in ones and twos to a crumbling front, or when there isn’t even a front – it definately does help zone control for Order.

On a side note, it seemed like they implemented a stealth change to zone control, since they mangaged to lock down Chaos Wastes in <1 hour.  Though they were walking all over the collective destro zerg through their superior organised zerging, it didn’t feel right.

Still 120+ organised zerglings is an impressive feat.