Warhammer : Lost Vale

Went and did Lost Vale today.  Managed to get the first two bosses down Asahaxak or something and Malgor Greathorn were the first two bosses of the West wing.

Intresting instance, not as hard as Bilerot, but the boss fights are highly challenging.  The trash would be filed under more ‘annoying’ than actually difficult.  The first boss was substantially harder than the second boss, due to the difference in the encounters; both of which I’ll detail in further in.

warThe trash pulls in LV consist of lots of mobs, normally 2+, generally ~3-4.  Off the top of my head the worst trash mobs were Pleasuresomethings which had a range attack and Shamans which heal.  The melee mobs are pretty weak.

The first boss; some lizard beginning with A, was probably the hardest encounter of the night.  There were eggs in the pond in which she sits, and if you destroy one it enrages her.  She gains an enchantment which bolsters her defences by a large chunk, so it is worth using shatter enchantment to make the encounter easier.  At ~50% she hatches all the eggs and spawn a bunch of little lizards which hurt alot, but are non champions.  For us we had two sorcs pop their t4 with stuns and then a DoK pop theirs.  Mopped them up no worries.

At 25% she spawns another lizard which is identical to herself, however if you burn her hard enough this lizard doesn’t spawn, theres like a 15/20 second window to do so.

She dropped a Darkpromise cape, 30 wounds 30 toughness + resists and an Orc Choppa, 1h which had some insane stats, eg + to physical damage, toughness, initiative, strength and a socket.

The second boss is alot easier, though he is untauntable and un detauntable, meaning its really a control of aggro will win the fight.  There are mists on the ground that seem to do nothing apart from give the tank instant aggro, though I would advise them only being used in place of a taunt.  Really its just a tank and spank encounter.  Dropped a Darkpromise Staff for Sorcs, 84/84 Toughness & Int, plus a hot Magus staff, 40 Willpower, 17 Initiative, 54 int, 6% crit and two socket slots.

Called it after that, since it was getting late.  5d lockout too.

Upgrading for Guild Wars ?

Well I’m not breaking any NDA by saying I didn’t get into beta.

Whilst I’m a tad disappointed, I will be pre purchasing on the 10th so will automatically be included in future events.

My main reason for actually wanting in to the beta is to see how the game performs on my current pc and whether or not I need to advance my planned upgrade, I’ve already used the tool on Can I run it and passed which means I am currently above the minimum specs however I do worry my aging processor will bottleneck me in WvW. On the bright side my gtx 460 is still a half decent card so at least I wont have to fork out for a new one.

Unlike Bran over at Corpse Run I pretty much go with a setup which is lighter on the ol’ wallet, so with this in mind I’m looking at the i5 2500k which has a lot of potential for overclocking and is probably the best bang for buck out there.

Whether or not I buy a pre made bundle or make up my own is another matter.

Ahh gotta love the build up to a new MMO release.

Star Wars : Rouge Squadron Review (Nintendo 64)

Star Wars : Rogue Squadron is one of the best games on the Nintendo 64. It will be popular with any fan of Star Wars because of the settings and battles that you can fight. It combines a shooter with a flying game while adding strategy. The levels progress slowly allowing you to learn the game as you advance. Rogue Squadron is not an easy game, but it rewards those who play it a lot. The more you play and the better you get the more levels and better endings there are.

Graphics 10 out of 10

starThe best thing about Star Wars : Rogue Squadron is the graphics. While adequate under normal settings when you plug in the expansion pack, the graphics go from C standards to A+. It is extremely realistic and adds a whole new dimension to the N64. The only problem with the graphics is the extremely well done pop-ups that can be troublesome to some players. If you are looking for a graphics masterpiece, here it is.

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

Another thing that Rogue Squadron does well in is music and sound. The music changes when your objective changes. The voices can be a little jarbled, but are on the whole very good. The noise of an upcoming TIE fighter or an AT-ST adds once again to the realism. It probably has the best music and sounds on N64.

Desperation or good business practice ?

Now I don’t know about you guys but I have received numerous emails from Rift, WoW and SW:TOR ranging from offering me a copy of Diablo and beta access to discounts for extended sub fees i.e. 3 months + silly titles as a reward for being ‘loyal’to return to these games. It just makes me wonder whether these are signs of desperation or they are just the norm these days.

Whatever the case it is rather amusing watching them all compete with ‘special offers’ and deals to entice either old players back or new ones in.

It does make me wonder just what state the pay to play side of the industry is in, and of course how this compares to the f2p or b2p with cash shop. We have seen games announce a large jump in profits after moving to f2p so why are games not launching in this state to start off with ? Do they want to see how much guaranteed cash they can milk from subscribers before they make the jump?

I actually think we may see Rift move to f2p by the end of the year and even the mighty SW:TOR must be worrying about the hit they will take when Diablo III, TERA, The Secret World, World of Pokemon Go ….sorry….. Warcraft expansion and of course Guild Wars 2 drops this year.

As for the 800 pound gorilla WoW ?

I think Blizzard are too proud and pig headed to ever consider fully changing the model of WoW and it will remain a sub game, the possibilty is always there for them to raise the free 20 levels higher…..especially since they seem destined to pin on more levels every expansion.

On another note I was at the shops on my lunch break and spotted this…

Darkfall NA review

A few days ago Darkfall released that it would be starting a NA server soon. I’m really looking forward to trying this game. I’m all about the “sandbox pvp” style game and lately Warhammer hasn’t been doing it for me. That I haven’t really had any real time to sit down and get a good gaming session in. I have been following Darkfall ever since Keen and Graev started playing it. It really is more my type of game. I’ve come to find out why I didn’t like WoW, and why Warhammer didn’t really work for me.

darkfallI like to be able to kill anyone, talk to anyone, and not be forced to work with someone just because they are in my realm. I come from Lineage 2 where there were no set sides. It was build your alliance and try to play the political game as best you could. I had a blast in that game, and that’s including the grinding. Darkfall will hopefully renew some of that vigor gaming I once had. Even though Warhammer was fun it was to casual and that left me lackluster. At first I loved that about the game, but as time passed I realized that it was it’s casual nature that left me uninterested. I didn’t have to really login to do anything unlike other mmo’s I’ve played. I wish it all the best when LotD releases but you won’t see me playing Warhammer regularly anytime soon.

I’ll be rolling onto Darkfall as soon as it hits NA. I’m also almost done my website, and with that I’m going to switch over to a asp.net blog. So stay tuned for more updates.

GW 2 : Chasing 100%

So as I alluded to in my previous posts, my current aim is 100% map completion. With this in mind and the unfortunate lack of decent tracker in game I thought it would be useful to keep track of my exploits here on my blog and dependant on progress I’ll update every week or so.

Here is my progress so far :

68% map completion

Lions Arch – Complete
Divinities Reach – Complete
Rata sum
The Grove

Shiverpeak Mountains – Complete
Plains of Ashford – Complete
Queensdale – Complete
Caledon Forest – Complete
Metrica Province – One skill point left (bugged)

gw2Wayfarer Foothills – Complete
Diessa Plateau – Started
Kessex Hills – Complete
Brisban Wildlands
Snowden Drifts – Complete
Gendarran Fields – Complete

Lornar’s Pass – Complete
Fields of Ruin
Harathi Hinterlands – Complete Blazeridge Steppes – Started Dredgehaunt Cliffs – Complete
Bloodtide Coast – Complete
Iron Marches
Timberline Falls

Sparkfly Fen – Complete
Fireheart Rise
Mount Maelstrom – Complete
Frostgorge Sound

Straits of Devastation – Complete Malchor’s Leap – Complete
Cursed Shore – Complete

So as you can see I’ve still got a fair bit to go, not including the fact I’ve still to get the majority of the WvW skill points, POIs etc.

At this time I’m not going to start setting myself targets on time to finish, I’m just enjoying drifting between zones depending on who is online and on some nights I’ll be lucky to finish a couple of hearts while on others I can manage the roll through the majority of a zone.

One thing I did do last night was finally get one of my alts out of the starting instance (my asura necro), I’m not planning on putting much gaming time in on him but he is there if I need a switch of playstyle or indeed if I want to use him as a crafting alt.

AION’s 1.5.1 Patch

1.5.1 looks pretty interesting, some good changes coming imo. My only thing is, I think eventually the bots will find way around gold for aion some of these tactics and carry on as usual but it will nice until then .

aionI hit 41 on WOOT ! Good lordy her spells were NOT cheap ! 1.2′ish million if I recall for her 40 spells and another 500k for Splendor of Recovery stigma (thx Isik) and then I dumped ANOTHER 510k on her Earth’s Wrath III upgrade. I farmed the hell outta Poya Jungle in Heiron and with every mob I prayed for a white drop. Usually the white weapons sell for 151k and the gear will sell for 50-65k per piece. I also found a great spot to grind in the abyss and those drops bring in some decent cash if you can get lucky. So by the time I  had the cash to pay for everything I was a 1/4 of the way into 40 LOL. My suggestion is take it slow make and bank as much kinah as ya can and spend it wisely the best you can LOL

For some reason I seemed to blow threw 40, I blinked and I hit 41! After 40 you get spells at every level which is both exciting and depressing because you know SOMETHING is getting upgraded but you’re also gonna dump some serious cash lol. That being said at 41 I purchased Hallowed Strike IV for 170′ish (?) and Boost Attack Resistance II for 74k and some change. I did watch a video on youtube about soloing elites and I’ve got that down to a science now. YAY Molar farming, and no I dont use the guards to kill my mobs . I enjoy the 280k+/- xp hehe so that may have a lil somethin to do w/ my leveling up so quick hehe. I really just wanted to see if I could do it and I just sorta kept doin it lol….so yea lol !

Speaking of Molars… McMad, Priya, Cadithial and I have been farming Kaiden HQ for molars so we can get our Boots. Heres the chain version that Sinnir wears SMOKIN HAWT ! So I’ve been told you need 650 molars to get all of the blue gear out of Kaiden HQ, not sure about the blue gear out of Lepharists which is all accessory pieces. The items outta Lepharist appear to be melee and caster items, not that I dont socket or could use the magic boost but come 50 I think I’m gonna go more HP. Although it would be nice to have some accessory pieces with some boost.  Reckon I should look into my 50 Daeva pieces and start doing some planning. Won’t hurt and it will likely save me some money in the long run so I hope.