Unchartered 3 Review

When I first heard that Unchartered 3 was coming out I was was vaguely interested. I had played Unchartered 2, but what I really did not like about the game were the stealth sections where you could get lost or would not know what to do. So I had very mixed feelings about Unchartered 3 and whether it would live up to the hype.

Now one of the most important things about Unchartered 3 is that it was designed to be a 3d game. I had just recently got a 3d tv(LG Cinema 3d tv). These are going for the same price as a full hd tv. All I can say is that the game will totally blow you away if you play it in 3d. I think this is enough reason to go out and buy a LG Cinema 3d tv. This is the only one I recommend as the 3d is flicker free and the glasses are lightweight plastic glasses that you do not recharge. It is by far the best compared to Samsung or Sony. It is like playing in a 3d movie in the cinema.

The opening scene is a bar fight. In 3d this feels like you are playing in the game. I think Unchartered 3 has one of the best 3d engines created. It almost feels like you are playing in a Hollywood blockbuster. You get to throw punches and counter attack. It simply is amazing. This sets the scene for probably what I wopuld describe as the best game that I have ever played on the PS 3.

The actors are totally amazing with some extraodinary voice effects. The story and the grand cinema scenes help you to be totally engrossed in the game. It is a mix between a platformer and a first person shooter.  The story starts off slowly as you first go back in time when Nathan Drake was much younger. It starts off as an adventure with melee combat to later scenes where you are embroiled in gun combat and also get to throw grenades. There are some amazing scenes like a being caught in a building burning and as you escape it explodes.

There are about 10 hours of gameplay and once you have completed that you can play the multiplayer. There is also a cooperative mode. The normal menus appear Team Deathmatch etc… There are also DLC packs that will become available for the multiplayer.

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