SW-TOR : Replayability is it that bad ?

Well as someone who had to reroll the same class after getting hit with realm queues of over 4 hours I can honestly say I haven’t found replaying content a chore.

The fact is there are several options for levelling your toon, you can do all the quests in each area or indeed just focus on the story quest and level using pvp, ship combat or via flashpoint grinding. So there really is a bit of choice as to how you may choose to level.

It actually fits directly with how I levelled in WoW although in WoW I probably stuck more rigidly to zones I enjoyed and knew well. The fact is I’ve probably enjoyed it more the second time around as I have become much more comfortable with my Jedi Shadow than my previous play through and have found I make much better use of my abilities.

With regards to my second toon I’m actually taking it very slow and mixing it up a bit on the way. I’m on a low population realm (The Kumumgah PvP EU) so I have found myself a bit behind the levelling curve (currently a lowly level 20) which makes group quests and getting groups together for flashpoints a bit difficult but to be honest I’m absolutely fine with that, I am aware I’ll be lagging behind gear wise but it does mean I wont be burned out of the instances come level 50 which is exactly the problem I encountered playing WoWs endgame.

As for my future in SW:TOR the only real target I have set myself is to get my speeder before the close of the year, so 2019 will mean a lot less running about, that and of course have a ton of fun whilst I play which is all you can ask from a game and its something I’m finding SW:TOR delivers in spades.

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