Review of an ancient FIFA game : FIFA World Cup

In this old FIFA Ultimate Team game, EA Sport has added some cool new player celebration animations that are very realistic, if not totally exciting. Despite its notable audio flaws, International Superstar Soccer excelled at capturing the sheer euphoric elation of scoring a goal. Every goal in soccer should feel like an incredible event. We want to hear the announcer screaming « Goooooooaaaaaal! » at the top of his lungs, and see the players performing memorable celebrations. ISS delivered that sensation, but World Cup 98 does not.

FIFA world cup animations

But FIFA World Cup does boast some of the best crowd noise and play-by-play commentary in the business. The murmur and cheers of the crowd are peppered with authentic soccer chants. And the play-by-play is on target and effective. The commentary rarely lags behind the on-screen action, and in fact brings a compelling televised feel to the game.

Speaking of the television experience, it’s worth pointing out that World Cup is loaded with advertising for wining fifa coins on retailers like or others fot FIFA 20 in confidence . Each stadium is adorned with branded banners for businesses like McDonald’s and Casio.

I look forward to the day when games include enough advertising so that the game itself is heavily discounted…or perhaps even free! Alas, any money collected for the World Cup ads has not been passed along to the consumer.

The multiplayer experience of World Cup is a real winner. Up to four players can play at a time, via either head-to-head team play or as four against the CPU. All varieties of multiplayer in World Cup are excellent, and a real selling point of the title.

FIFA World Cup is an excellent N64 soccer title. But is it better than the legendary International Superstar Soccer 64 ? That’s hard to say. While World Cup clearly takes the multiplayer crown, there’s something to be said for the raw excitement and fast gameplay of solo ISS 64.

Either way, gamers can’t go wrong. EA sport is to be commended for the substantial improvements it has made to its premier soccer title over the past year. With this sort of game, the N64 may emerge as a « sports machine, » after all.

Overall 8.75 out of 10

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