Pirates of the Caribbean- At Worlds End- 2

Pirates of the Caribbean : At World’s End offers up some touch-screen functionality to match the DS’s capabilities. Opening chests requires drawing a line between tumblers, while unlocking doors has you placing and turning gears. Often, DS games make the mistake of forcing you to juggle the buttons and the stylus, but fortunately this title always gives you ample time to make the switch. Of course, you’ll do it often, leaving you feeling like a pirate continually unsheathing and re-sheathing his blade.

Speaking of blades, dueling is the way you take care of key enemies. Unlike the prompt-heavy 360 version, you actually have to use some skill in reading your opponent’s movements here. It’s as much offense as defense, as the direction you slash with the stylus determines your attack. Work their health all the way down, then do a little stylus Simon-says to disarm the bad guy for good. It’s fun enough that you’ll welcome every instance a duel pops up.

Liar’s Dice is another Pirates extra. Those who have played it in dingy taverns in real life will chuckle to see it in an E-rated handheld video game, but it works rather well. You see your dice, but not other peoples’, then you bet how much of a certain number exists in all. If an opponent calls and you’re exposed as a liar, you lose a dice; if you’re correct, they lose one. Both Liar’s Dice and dueling can be played through wireless multiplayer, as well — with the former supporting four players and the latter being one-on-one.

Pirates of the Caribbean : At World’s End is by no means a must-have title for the DS, but it fares much better than most of the licensed fodder you see on the platform. Both movie fans and general gamers should get a few hours of fun out of it, and frustration is kept at a minimum — preventing you from becoming an irate pirate.

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