short review of FIFA 19 – 2

FIFA 19 includes various levels of play

Novice, Semi Pro, Pro, The Journey, Manager mode. Novice is perfect for someone just starting the game. It is a good learning curve and the average player can win at the Novice level after a few games.

FIFA 19 has possibly the best AI ever seen in a sports game. In the upper levels of difficulty, the computer actually adapts to your strategies and tries to shut them down. In this way, the game can be very hard, but NOT cheap : that’s right if you want a competitiv team and must buy fifa points on the EA’s Store; but you can choice sailors of coins or comprar monedas fut 19 in spanish… This alone is a gigantic leap above other sports games, which are notorious for making the game harder by letting the computer cheat. I had a blast in both the single player and multi player modes. This rivals Mario Bros as the best multi player game yet seen. It supports up to 4 players and they can all play on the same team, 2-on-2, or 3-1, etc.

All sports games have a tremendous amount of replay value, but FIFA 19 takes it to the next level. There are over 140 teams in the game from around the world, including few authentic leagues like the German, English, and Italian leagues, sporting clubs from across the countries. The players are authentic and perform similar to their real-life counterparts. With the many teams, you can create thousands of match ups. Combined with the intriguing Pro difficulty level, you’ll be playing this one for a long time.

Although FIFA 19 is very close, it is not perfect. The USA national team is comprised of fictional characters, due to contract obligations. Also, there are not quite as many teams in this revision as there were in other versions. However, these are very minor quibbles and should not affect your feelings toward this game very much. I would highly recommend this game to any sports fan, and even those who aren’t.

This game might be good enough to change any skeptic’s mind. Congratulations are in order for the king of sports video games, EA Sports.

Ratings (1.0 to 5.0 scale)

Graphics – 4.4

Sound – 4.6

Control – 4.3

Gameplay – 4.7

Lastability – 4.8

Overall – 4.7

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