GW 2 : Some highs and some lows 2

The real fun in GW 2, however began when the dragon event popped.

Lets face it everyone loves taking down a dragon!!!

The zone bursts to life and when a mass of players start to congregate you just start to get a flush of excitement as you feel tension around you building. You just know something big is in the works, see :

Then comes the dragon swooping from the sky scattering dust and rubble as it crashes to the ground, players suddenly jolt to life, every player to a man fighting for each other, reviving each other, the odd tactical tip shouted in map chat ‘Stay away from its head’ ‘target the legs’ ‘melee take out the adds’ and then come the victorious cheers when victory is achieved.

Sure the fights in GW 2 are a tad simplistic and I’ve never failed to take one down yet but its more about the general feeling and atmosphere these events create, they really are special and feel rewarding.

Anyway after we took him down we all had to log off but I think its fair to say we logged feeling fulfilled. It may only have been a few hours we spent as a small team but it did really ring home that this is how GW 2 should be played and when its at its best. Now we just have to wait until we are all online at the same time again…….

On a personal note I’m up to 66% map completion, I really need to write a post to help me keep track of what zones I’m done with and what exactly I still need to do. I am however looking forward to seeing that star next to my name and then heading back to Orr so I can continue with my crafting and gear up my toon a bit more. For the record I’m still wearing some blues and greens and some items are as low as level 50….. yeah you can tell I’m taking my time.



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