Warhammer review 2

Economy : Or should I say the lack there of. There is no economy in Warhammer. I’m not a fan of the auction house because I think it is a pain in the ass, but I’m wierd about that. I have always liked the shop method of buying and selling. Set up shop while your afk, and leave it at that. The lack of economy is only good for one thing, and that’t to keep gold sellers at a minimum. With no real reason of needing gold, then gold sellers are obsolete. I never find myself having to really work for something in Warhammer. This will probably be different when I start worrying about higher level gear, but after that then what ? The economy is boring enough said.

Zone Domination : Thank goodness they are making improvements to this, and making it easier to understand. When I first started I never knew really what was up with this thing. Now it’s starting to make better sense. It seems Mythic will keep making strides on this system. Which is good because it is the major part of the end-game.

Bug Fixes & Client Stabilty : Good thing they are keeping this on the top of their list. Ever evolving your game and the way it performs is a must. Keeping everything working correctly is a vital part to keeping subs. They still have some things to work on, but atleast they know it.

I touched on a few things that I think are important. I know there alot of other things that might be or are more important then these things, but these are some of my major concerns. All and all I think Warhammer is a good game, not great though. They have room for improvement in alot fo areas, but I have faith they will do their best in making this game an over the top success !


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