Warhammer Sneaks State of the Game…

Okay, so I’m going to list off some of the things that I am looking forward to, and things that are on my mind about Warhammer. Since Mark Jacobs has recently released another State of the Game to the public. This comes in the form of a novel (just a heads up). I would have given you an exact number, but quite frankly I have a few in mind with no real estimate on how many I wanna touch on. With that being said I will begin :

Server Merge : It was about time for this. I honestly and full heartedly think Mythic launched with way to many servers. I think they should have started with 15-20 and that’s it. They made great strides in the past months to transferr people to more populated servers, and this was good. I just think they should have done it sooner. Though I’m looking forward to Dark Crag gaining some new faces.

RvR : I still love killing people in Warhammer. I have liked all the skirmishes and keep sieges I have participated in. I even like scenarios sometimes when it isn’t a blow-out. I loved the idea of the open RvR influence rewards, and the willingness that Mythic has showed to improve every aspect of the RvR portion of the game. I think time will make this better, and the constant changes being made have all seemed for the better.

Patch 1.2: I think this patch was really good, and I’m looking forward to patch 1.3. I have been paying attention to my damage output lately on my Bright Wizard and it seems I’m doing well. I still think the combustion is a little high, but my damage output is good. I think most of it comes from the lack of gear I’m facing. I think the event went great, and the arrival of the Slayer and Choppa will be a big hit. The official forums seem to be rolling on nicely. Hopefully Mythic will keep getting the feedback they need to make their game even better. Overall I think this was a good patch.

Lack of Central Hubs : What I mean by this is, there doesn’t seem to be any great gathering points in the game. People are scattered everywhere thoughout the 4 tiers, 3 pairings, and numerous zones. The capital cities are nice, but I never see them flooded with people. I know in past games there were towns. As you progressed in the game you went and made a point to centralize yourself at these towns. These towns would be a center for economy, group building, and a starting point for pvp. In Warhammer I have never experienced anything like what I have in previous games.


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