GW 2 : Some highs and some lows

I think its fair to say I’ve had a bit of a mixed bag with GW 2 over the past week.

The big low is the guild we joined just isn’t working out as we had hoped. Being a multi game guild its just not as active as we want, sure its great being in a small guild and being a tight nit group if people are active and all participating however the way its panned out it seems recruitment is well down the pecking order and any dungeon runs that happen seem to just include the same people over and over with little rotation. Sure I have been invited and participated in a couple of runs but others are voicing their frustration and its hard not to disagree.

I think the problem stems from the fact that there was an original group of players who all know each other and played together in LoTRO and Rift and unless you really push to integrate yourself as I have then you wont get accepted. The fact its split with Teamspeak and guild chat makes it another challenge, I personally am bad at ignoring guild chat when on TS however when I’m not its just far too quiet with little conversation or plans. It’s a strange one as I can certainly see both sides of the argument, I will say that with games you don’t always want to have to force yourself to get on Teamspeak or put yourself forward for things and just generally go that extra yard. At the end of the day it’s a hobby and not an extra job and peoples opinions of this vary.

So after discussions with my brother in law and my mate I think we are on the look out for a bigger and more active guild. Whilst bigger isn’t always better I do think a big guild in GW 2 is beneficial, specifically if you don’t want to PuG dungeons.

On a more positive note the three of us (brother in law and mate) got together for the first time since GW 2 launched and headed off to tackle a zone. Taking into consideration our varying level and what each of us had completed already we chose to visit Blazeridge Steppes. Whilst the three of us together did make a formidable force as we chugged around the map filling hearts, completing skill points and finding vistas we did struggle somewhat on taking down the odd roaming champion mob. Its these spikes in difficulty which I really enjoy as it certainly keeps you on your toes.


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