WOW : Ghosting BFOs and Keeps

Does anyone else find that their realm seems more interested in backcapping and ghosting BFOs and Keeps ?

We spent a better half of this evening chasing Order from zone to zone to zone to zone.  They had similar numbers to us, 10-12+ against our 10, and after a fight would just sod off to another zone.  Theyd even forget their precious 500 RPs from the BFOs.

This isn’t WAR.  We didn’t get this game to run away like little girls from each other.  We came here to bash stunties, stab humies and kill pointy ears.  (Its different if you happen to be Order, but I’z a greenskin!)  Hell, it has devolved to the point where people would rather jump off a cliff and suffer a PVE death than actually fight to the death, no matter how futile the fight.

I mean, where is the fun in buying a game that advertises and is designed around heavy, large-scale open field combat.  Not pveing for renown.  It kind of disappoints me that people view renown as a grind rather than an achievement.  I mean, we see people complain about open with lines such as ‘I’d rather spend 30 minutes capping a zone for 4k renown than rvring for 1rp a kill’

One thing I really like about that line, is it is a complete and total load.  I’m RR46, and I get more renown from open rvring, hell you can get 30k easily in an hour or two, and thats not just with heal renown.  Forget heal renown when you can get a few hundred renown a kill, seriously.

Its amazing how much fun that you can have by getting the same old faces with you every night to do a bit of actually playing the game. Hell, even grabbing a few mates and tagging along with the zerg in the hot zerg on zerg action can end up with a great WAR night.

If only cross realm channels existed, I think my most used phrase would be “Drink a cup of Cement and harden the fuck up.”


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