Warhammer : Lost Vale

Went and did Lost Vale today.  Managed to get the first two bosses down Asahaxak or something and Malgor Greathorn were the first two bosses of the West wing.

Intresting instance, not as hard as Bilerot, but the boss fights are highly challenging.  The trash would be filed under more ‘annoying’ than actually difficult.  The first boss was substantially harder than the second boss, due to the difference in the encounters; both of which I’ll detail in further in.

warThe trash pulls in LV consist of lots of mobs, normally 2+, generally ~3-4.  Off the top of my head the worst trash mobs were Pleasuresomethings which had a range attack and Shamans which heal.  The melee mobs are pretty weak.

The first boss; some lizard beginning with A, was probably the hardest encounter of the night.  There were eggs in the pond in which she sits, and if you destroy one it enrages her.  She gains an enchantment which bolsters her defences by a large chunk, so it is worth using shatter enchantment to make the encounter easier.  At ~50% she hatches all the eggs and spawn a bunch of little lizards which hurt alot, but are non champions.  For us we had two sorcs pop their t4 with stuns and then a DoK pop theirs.  Mopped them up no worries.

At 25% she spawns another lizard which is identical to herself, however if you burn her hard enough this lizard doesn’t spawn, theres like a 15/20 second window to do so.

She dropped a Darkpromise cape, 30 wounds 30 toughness + resists and an Orc Choppa, 1h which had some insane stats, eg + to physical damage, toughness, initiative, strength and a socket.

The second boss is alot easier, though he is untauntable and un detauntable, meaning its really a control of aggro will win the fight.  There are mists on the ground that seem to do nothing apart from give the tank instant aggro, though I would advise them only being used in place of a taunt.  Really its just a tank and spank encounter.  Dropped a Darkpromise Staff for Sorcs, 84/84 Toughness & Int, plus a hot Magus staff, 40 Willpower, 17 Initiative, 54 int, 6% crit and two socket slots.

Called it after that, since it was getting late.  5d lockout too.


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