Upgrading for Guild Wars ?

Well I’m not breaking any NDA by saying I didn’t get into beta.

Whilst I’m a tad disappointed, I will be pre purchasing on the 10th so will automatically be included in future events.

My main reason for actually wanting in to the beta is to see how the game performs on my current pc and whether or not I need to advance my planned upgrade, I’ve already used the tool on Can I run it and passed which means I am currently above the minimum specs however I do worry my aging processor will bottleneck me in WvW. On the bright side my gtx 460 is still a half decent card so at least I wont have to fork out for a new one.

Unlike Bran over at Corpse Run I pretty much go with a setup which is lighter on the ol’ wallet, so with this in mind I’m looking at the i5 2500k which has a lot of potential for overclocking and is probably the best bang for buck out there.

Whether or not I buy a pre made bundle or make up my own is another matter.

Ahh gotta love the build up to a new MMO release.


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