Desperation or good business practice ?

Now I don’t know about you guys but I have received numerous emails from Rift, WoW and SW:TOR ranging from offering me a copy of Diablo and beta access to discounts for extended sub fees i.e. 3 months + silly titles as a reward for being ‘loyal’to return to these games. It just makes me wonder whether these are signs of desperation or they are just the norm these days.

Whatever the case it is rather amusing watching them all compete with ‘special offers’ and deals to entice either old players back or new ones in.

It does make me wonder just what state the pay to play side of the industry is in, and of course how this compares to the f2p or b2p with cash shop. We have seen games announce a large jump in profits after moving to f2p so why are games not launching in this state to start off with ? Do they want to see how much guaranteed cash they can milk from subscribers before they make the jump?

I actually think we may see Rift move to f2p by the end of the year and even the mighty SW:TOR must be worrying about the hit they will take when Diablo III, TERA, The Secret World, World of Pokemon Go ….sorry….. Warcraft expansion and of course Guild Wars 2 drops this year.

As for the 800 pound gorilla WoW ?

I think Blizzard are too proud and pig headed to ever consider fully changing the model of WoW and it will remain a sub game, the possibilty is always there for them to raise the free 20 levels higher…..especially since they seem destined to pin on more levels every expansion.

On another note I was at the shops on my lunch break and spotted this…


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