Darkfall NA review

A few days ago Darkfall released that it would be starting a NA server soon. I’m really looking forward to trying this game. I’m all about the “sandbox pvp” style game and lately Warhammer hasn’t been doing it for me. That I haven’t really had any real time to sit down and get a good gaming session in. I have been following Darkfall ever since Keen and Graev started playing it. It really is more my type of game. I’ve come to find out why I didn’t like WoW, and why Warhammer didn’t really work for me.

darkfallI like to be able to kill anyone, talk to anyone, and not be forced to work with someone just because they are in my realm. I come from Lineage 2 where there were no set sides. It was build your alliance and try to play the political game as best you could. I had a blast in that game, and that’s including the grinding. Darkfall will hopefully renew some of that vigor gaming I once had. Even though Warhammer was fun it was to casual and that left me lackluster. At first I loved that about the game, but as time passed I realized that it was it’s casual nature that left me uninterested. I didn’t have to really login to do anything unlike other mmo’s I’ve played. I wish it all the best when LotD releases but you won’t see me playing Warhammer regularly anytime soon.

I’ll be rolling onto Darkfall as soon as it hits NA. I’m also almost done my website, and with that I’m going to switch over to a asp.net blog. So stay tuned for more updates.


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