GW 2 : Chasing 100%

So as I alluded to in my previous posts, my current aim is 100% map completion. With this in mind and the unfortunate lack of decent tracker in game I thought it would be useful to keep track of my exploits here on my blog and dependant on progress I’ll update every week or so.

Here is my progress so far :

68% map completion

Lions Arch – Complete
Divinities Reach – Complete
Rata sum
The Grove

Shiverpeak Mountains – Complete
Plains of Ashford – Complete
Queensdale – Complete
Caledon Forest – Complete
Metrica Province – One skill point left (bugged)

gw2Wayfarer Foothills – Complete
Diessa Plateau – Started
Kessex Hills – Complete
Brisban Wildlands
Snowden Drifts – Complete
Gendarran Fields – Complete

Lornar’s Pass – Complete
Fields of Ruin
Harathi Hinterlands – Complete Blazeridge Steppes – Started Dredgehaunt Cliffs – Complete
Bloodtide Coast – Complete
Iron Marches
Timberline Falls

Sparkfly Fen – Complete
Fireheart Rise
Mount Maelstrom – Complete
Frostgorge Sound

Straits of Devastation – Complete Malchor’s Leap – Complete
Cursed Shore – Complete

So as you can see I’ve still got a fair bit to go, not including the fact I’ve still to get the majority of the WvW skill points, POIs etc.

At this time I’m not going to start setting myself targets on time to finish, I’m just enjoying drifting between zones depending on who is online and on some nights I’ll be lucky to finish a couple of hearts while on others I can manage the roll through the majority of a zone.

One thing I did do last night was finally get one of my alts out of the starting instance (my asura necro), I’m not planning on putting much gaming time in on him but he is there if I need a switch of playstyle or indeed if I want to use him as a crafting alt.


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