AION’s 1.5.1 Patch

1.5.1 looks pretty interesting, some good changes coming imo. My only thing is, I think eventually the bots will find way around gold for aion some of these tactics and carry on as usual but it will nice until then .

aionI hit 41 on WOOT ! Good lordy her spells were NOT cheap ! 1.2′ish million if I recall for her 40 spells and another 500k for Splendor of Recovery stigma (thx Isik) and then I dumped ANOTHER 510k on her Earth’s Wrath III upgrade. I farmed the hell outta Poya Jungle in Heiron and with every mob I prayed for a white drop. Usually the white weapons sell for 151k and the gear will sell for 50-65k per piece. I also found a great spot to grind in the abyss and those drops bring in some decent cash if you can get lucky. So by the time I  had the cash to pay for everything I was a 1/4 of the way into 40 LOL. My suggestion is take it slow make and bank as much kinah as ya can and spend it wisely the best you can LOL

For some reason I seemed to blow threw 40, I blinked and I hit 41! After 40 you get spells at every level which is both exciting and depressing because you know SOMETHING is getting upgraded but you’re also gonna dump some serious cash lol. That being said at 41 I purchased Hallowed Strike IV for 170′ish (?) and Boost Attack Resistance II for 74k and some change. I did watch a video on youtube about soloing elites and I’ve got that down to a science now. YAY Molar farming, and no I dont use the guards to kill my mobs . I enjoy the 280k+/- xp hehe so that may have a lil somethin to do w/ my leveling up so quick hehe. I really just wanted to see if I could do it and I just sorta kept doin it lol….so yea lol !

Speaking of Molars… McMad, Priya, Cadithial and I have been farming Kaiden HQ for molars so we can get our Boots. Heres the chain version that Sinnir wears SMOKIN HAWT ! So I’ve been told you need 650 molars to get all of the blue gear out of Kaiden HQ, not sure about the blue gear out of Lepharists which is all accessory pieces. The items outta Lepharist appear to be melee and caster items, not that I dont socket or could use the magic boost but come 50 I think I’m gonna go more HP. Although it would be nice to have some accessory pieces with some boost.  Reckon I should look into my 50 Daeva pieces and start doing some planning. Won’t hurt and it will likely save me some money in the long run so I hope.


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