Wow – Doomsayers

Don’t you just love to hate them.  “This game is failing!” “WoW is better, WotLK is coming and WAR will die!” “Sorcss make this game suck!  I’m taking my eleven million accounts and unsubbing!”

wowSeriously, what is with all the doomsayers who play for 30 minutes, make a incoherent forum post about how the game sucks which generally ends up being a tldr – ranting about how this game should be like that other game aka ‘IN WOW THIS DOES THIS AND THIS NOT THIS UR GAEM SUX’.

I read this rather interesting post here about how WoW was the death of the MMO genre.  Sure, call me hypocritical, but what is in this post really rings true.  Think about it, almost all the new MMO releases have been an adaption of the same old concept, granted this concept started waaaaay back in EQ and beyond – WoW just dumbed it down, alot.

Lets reflect a little, WAR is has in recent months brought a bit of fresh air into now a monopolised genre, and even then unfortunately its not much.  Its brought innovations which almost iconically has been assimilated into WoW.

I’m willing to wager that 1.1 will see so many improvements it will typically leave Blizzard in the dust scrabbling to rip it off *coughachievementscough*.



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