Wow Order counter attack, WAAAGH in full swing !

So today, after pushing Order back to Reikland after locking Praag, Order began to rally and counter attack this afternoon.  They managed to absolutely trump our feat of locking a zone of last night to pushing us all the way back to our Fortress in 4 hours.  Impressive, (un)fortunately for us, the server crashed and then reset and bugged all zones from Chaos Wastes to Praag.

What was revealed however from this is the collective stupidity of Destruction, not to rag on anyone or anything.  It is to their credit to keep riding out into the Order and feed meat to the grinder, but the sense of what they were doing was futile probablyh didn’t sink in, helping Order gain the zone.  Sure I go on about Destro not fighting, but when they’re just trickling in ones and twos to a crumbling front, or when there isn’t even a front – it definately does help zone control for Order.

On a side note, it seemed like they implemented a stealth change to zone control, since they mangaged to lock down Chaos Wastes in <1 hour.  Though they were walking all over the collective destro zerg through their superior organised zerging, it didn’t feel right.

Still 120+ organised zerglings is an impressive feat.


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