Halo killer.” It’s a term thrown around about every first-person shooter to hit the market. And it’s a term I generally ignore – but not because I think outdoing Halo is impossible. Despite its involving multiplayer and sometimes inventive weapons, I always found Halo to be “FPS-lite.” Cute grunting little aliens replaced the blood spewing soldiers and zombies of my favorite first-person shooters of old, and dressed the rest of the game up in a happy console sheen. Gears of War effectively takes the FPS back to its gritty origins, and adds a third-person view and gameplay that make things more complicated than “run, gun, lob a grenade.” Like metal gear solid .

GoW is a visceral experience. Enemy soldiers pop out of the ground unexpectedly as your comrades are chewed up by gunfire and rabid dogs. You throw yourself to the ground behind broken pillars, and fractured machines. The first thing you will notice about Gears is its use of graphics. Currently, it’s one of the best-looking games on the market for any system. However, you might be misled by some of the TV spots for Gears of War featuring protagonist Marcus Fenix running through the dark with a Tears for Fears song playing in the background. Marcus is not really in touch with his emotions – he is not a Tears for Fears sort of guy. He spends most of his time during cut scenes cursing as much as possible.

In fact, thanks to Fenix’s over-the-top attitude, there were times when I thought I was playing the latest installment in the Duke Nukem franchise. But as soon the cinematic nonsense ends, Gears of War becomes an all-consuming combat zone that will keep you ducking for cover, calling on satellites for energy strikes against screen-devouring baddies, and sawing enemies into pieces for days. Gears of War is not a Halo killer – it is something else entirely. Thanks to its online play, fulfilling single player story and all around completeness, what Gears of War is, is a killer pain in the ass for Sony and Nintendo. GOW delivers the complete next generation experience and is simply the first clear-cut, grizzled victor in the next-generation gaming wars.


Review of Gran Turismo 2- end

Some of the game music just didn’t sound right. It’s really on my personal opinion because the music was not to my own personal taste. The music in Gran turismo was loud and came off crystal clear from your TV speakers. There weren’t any voices in this game what so ever I think that is because they put so much into making the cars and making them sound and look realistic. The crash all for the most part had a different engine rev each time you picked a different one by a different maker. Or if you tuned the engine and turbo up it would sound real powerful.

Even the tire screeches as you wee coming out of turns and bends sounding pretty realistic and there is nothing like the tires hitting asphalt and dusting your opponents. This is a game I would definitely leave the sound track off to considering the fact that it is so much better without it and it makes it seem more realistic and racing like. In reality the sounds did a lot to make this a more realistic racing game and it gave you a more overall racing experience.

Gran Turismo : Game Play 10/10

This game is for one or two players. It has two modes Arcade and Simulation. Arcade is pretty much like any other racing game you may have experience, you pick one of the available cars and you and a friend go head to head to see who is better. Or you can go against the and try to unlock the bonus tracks. Then you have simulation, the mode that

made this game as popular as it was. The simulation mode is where you had to try and pass 3 different driving test B, A, and International A. Each one had 7 smaller pre test and 1 Final Exam. This test considered by most were extremely difficult and this is probably the worst thing on the game. They made this part too realistic and unless you were Michael Andretti you were not getting through this part. You raced for Credits; credits were like money. You used the credits to buy bigger faster and better cars from all the top dealers. Like Nissan, Dodge, Mazda, and others. You could also buy used cars in the start of the game. These were enough to get you through the B-Class races. You could tune any car in the game keep that in mind. I would say it was worthless to tune cars that were considered C cars, because they usually didn’t run correctly. The games difficulty on Arcade was adjustable. On simulation it was difficult. There is a save feature using 7 blocks of memory.

Overall 10 out of 10

This is still a fabulous game. I had more fun and put more hours into this than any other racing game. Even though the Gran Turismo 2 is a bit better than this you still could of

have fun. This game is suitable for single players and if you friend over. The fun of this game will not wear thin after you buy it and play it for a week. You could always

hop back into this one and play it over and over. The replay value is pretty high, considering the facts that I think that this game ahs no ending. The fun factor is very high

too, and this is a great party game. If you don’t have much money and your looking for a good challenge and something that will keep you busy look no further than Gran Turismo.

news : Burning Crusade Profiteering A Speculators Guide

With The Burning Crusade less then 2 months away and beta characters capped out, we have a pretty good idea of what it will take to get to level 70. Along with the level cap raised, all primary and secondary skills have had thier caps raised to 375 and a new profession, jewelcrafting, has been introduced. Lets not forget FLYING MOUNTS ! All this costs money. Money that I plan on extracting from the masses, and you can too.

All this new content presents challenges from a trade skill stand point and will leave a sizable void in the market for supplies that are needed to skill up professions. This guide of Wow is based on my personal experience in TBC beta but still holds a signifcant amount on risk since we won’t know what will happen on live. The good part is, most of these items won’t cost you anything but the time it takes to collect them and the bag space to store them till the time is right.

Dynasty Warriors 5 (PC)

K­OEI is pu­ttin­g ou­t its 10th­ Warriors gam­e on­ c­on­soles if y­ou­ in­c­lu­d­e th­e Sam­u­rai Warriors titles. It’s been­ a c­razy­ am­ou­n­t of h­ac­k­in­g an­d­ slash­in­g an­d­ th­e relen­tless pac­e h­as by­ n­o m­ean­s stopped­ with­ th­is title. Th­e gam­eplay­ h­as been­ tweak­ed­ an­d­ refin­ed­ ju­st a little fu­rth­er to m­ak­e th­is a n­ew en­ou­gh­ experien­c­e ev­en­ if th­e c­ore gam­e h­asn­’t c­h­an­ged­ all th­at m­u­c­h­. Y­et ev­en­ with­ all of th­at it still feels all too fam­iliar.

With­ an­ ov­er-th­e-top reim­agin­in­g of th­e Rom­an­c­e of th­e Th­ree K­in­gd­om­s era in­ C­h­in­a, d­ev­eloper Om­ega Forc­e h­as bec­om­e q­u­ite ad­ept at c­ran­k­in­g ou­t th­e titles wh­ere on­e figh­ter c­an­ m­ak­e a trem­en­d­ou­s d­ifferen­c­e. Th­ere are 48 c­h­arac­ters to c­h­oose from­ th­is tim­e, six of wh­ic­h­ are n­ew to th­e series, an­d­ eac­h­ on­e h­as a spec­ific­ story­lin­e in­ th­e D­y­n­asty­ Warriors u­n­iv­erse. Eac­h­ story­ h­as a set of m­ission­s wh­ere th­e tim­e between­ begin­n­in­g an­d­ c­om­pletin­g th­e req­u­irem­en­ts in­v­olv­es tak­in­g ou­t sev­eral h­u­n­d­red­ sold­iers, c­aptain­s, an­d­ offic­ers alon­g th­e way­.Wh­ile th­ere are som­e n­ew c­h­an­ges th­at ad­d­ v­ariety­ to th­e form­u­la, D­W5 c­an­’t h­elp bu­t feel lik­e ov­er-fam­iliar territory­. After figh­tin­g th­rou­gh­ c­ou­n­tless h­ord­es in­ prev­iou­s titles, d­oin­g so again­ with­ som­e sm­all d­ifferen­c­es is an­ experien­c­e of d­im­in­ish­in­g retu­rn­s. With­ ac­tion­ th­at is all too sim­ilar to wh­at’s been­ so h­eav­ily­ trod­d­en­ before with­ d­ozen­s, if n­ot h­u­n­d­red­s, of h­ou­rs of gam­eplay­, D­W5 is a title th­at’s n­ot q­u­ite en­ou­gh­ for th­ose wh­o en­joy­ed­ on­e or two earlier titles an­d­ wan­ted­ m­ore. In­stead­ th­is is best rec­om­m­en­d­ed­ for th­ose wh­o absolu­tely­ lov­e it, alm­ost path­ologic­ally­ (lik­e Stev­en­ N­g) or th­ose wh­o are c­om­pletely­ n­ew to th­e experien­c­e.H­av­in­g said­ all th­at, th­e n­ew ad­d­ition­s h­ere h­elp to m­ak­e th­is th­e m­ost refin­ed­ gam­e in­ th­e series.

Om­ega Forc­e h­as h­ad­ a lot of prac­tic­e in­ m­ak­in­g D­y­n­asty­ Warriors gam­es an­d­ th­is is th­eir latest fu­llest in­c­arn­ation­ of it. Th­e m­ost strik­in­g d­ifferen­c­e is th­at th­e gam­e h­as been­ optim­ized­ ev­en­ fu­rth­er to m­ak­e th­e graph­ic­s m­ore satisfy­in­g. Th­e fog of war h­as been­ pu­sh­ed­ bac­k­ m­u­c­h­, m­u­c­h­ fu­rth­er. Th­e effec­t of en­em­y­ sold­iers m­agic­ally­ appearin­g h­as been­ d­rastic­ally­ red­u­c­ed­ an­d­ is n­ow exc­lu­siv­e to th­e two-play­er experien­c­e. M­ore th­an­ ju­st bein­g able to see m­ore of th­e people in­ th­e n­earby­ area, play­ers c­an­ n­ow see m­ore of th­e gam­e as a wh­ole. Th­e fram­erate h­old­s u­p at a c­on­sisten­t rate for th­e large m­ajority­ of th­e gam­e. Slowd­own­ th­at h­as brou­gh­t prev­iou­s titles to a c­rawl h­as n­ot appeared­ h­ere. Th­e v­isu­als h­av­e bec­om­e sm­ooth­er all arou­n­d­ an­d­ m­ak­es y­ou­ wish­ th­at th­is h­ad­ been­ h­ow it was d­on­e all alon­g.On­ th­e gam­eplay­ sid­e th­ere h­av­e been­ a c­ou­ple of oth­er large c­h­an­ges. Th­e bod­y­gu­ard­ u­n­its from­ th­e prev­iou­s gam­es h­av­e been­ c­h­an­ged­ to sin­gu­lar bod­y­gu­ard­s.

Th­is h­elps k­eep th­e fram­erate m­ov­in­g alon­g n­ic­ely­ an­d­ m­ak­es th­e gam­e easier to u­n­d­erstan­d­ in­ th­e m­id­d­le of a large figh­t. It m­ak­es th­e gam­e ev­en­ better th­at th­e bod­y­gu­ard­s are sm­arter an­d­ m­ore effec­tiv­e in­ th­e figh­ts. Wh­ile in­ battle, it often­ h­appen­ed­ th­at I wou­ld­ be figh­tin­g with­ an­ offic­er an­d­ th­en­ m­y­ bod­y­gu­ard­ wou­ld­ ru­sh­ in­ from­ th­e sid­e wh­en­ m­y­ c­om­bo was fin­ish­in­g u­p. At oth­er tim­es m­y­ bod­y­gu­ard­ wou­ld­ be d­oin­g h­is own­ c­om­bo on­ an­ offic­er an­d­ th­en­ I c­ou­ld­ ru­n­ u­p an­d­ start d­oin­g an­ attac­k­ of m­y­ own­. Rath­er th­an­ h­av­in­g a swarm­ of bod­y­gu­ard­s d­o som­e ligh­t attac­k­s, th­e sin­gle person­ gu­ard­ h­as been­ m­u­c­h­ m­ore u­sefu­l an­d­ fu­n­ to figh­t with­.

P­ubli­she­d by : KO­E­I­
Devel­op­ed by ­: Om­ega­ F­orce
Ge­n­r­e­ : T­hi­r­d-Pe­r­so­n­ A­ct­i­o­n­
N­­umb­e­r of Play­e­rs ­: 1-2Re­le­as­e­
D­at­e US : M­arch 29, 2005

Review of an ancient FIFA game : FIFA World Cup

In this old FIFA Ultimate Team game, EA Sport has added some cool new player celebration animations that are very realistic, if not totally exciting. Despite its notable audio flaws, International Superstar Soccer excelled at capturing the sheer euphoric elation of scoring a goal. Every goal in soccer should feel like an incredible event. We want to hear the announcer screaming « Goooooooaaaaaal! » at the top of his lungs, and see the players performing memorable celebrations. ISS delivered that sensation, but World Cup 98 does not.

FIFA world cup animations

But FIFA World Cup does boast some of the best crowd noise and play-by-play commentary in the business. The murmur and cheers of the crowd are peppered with authentic soccer chants. And the play-by-play is on target and effective. The commentary rarely lags behind the on-screen action, and in fact brings a compelling televised feel to the game.

Speaking of the television experience, it’s worth pointing out that World Cup is loaded with advertising for wining fifa coins on retailers like or others fot FIFA 20 in confidence . Each stadium is adorned with branded banners for businesses like McDonald’s and Casio.

I look forward to the day when games include enough advertising so that the game itself is heavily discounted…or perhaps even free! Alas, any money collected for the World Cup ads has not been passed along to the consumer.

The multiplayer experience of World Cup is a real winner. Up to four players can play at a time, via either head-to-head team play or as four against the CPU. All varieties of multiplayer in World Cup are excellent, and a real selling point of the title.

FIFA World Cup is an excellent N64 soccer title. But is it better than the legendary International Superstar Soccer 64 ? That’s hard to say. While World Cup clearly takes the multiplayer crown, there’s something to be said for the raw excitement and fast gameplay of solo ISS 64.

Either way, gamers can’t go wrong. EA sport is to be commended for the substantial improvements it has made to its premier soccer title over the past year. With this sort of game, the N64 may emerge as a « sports machine, » after all.

Overall 8.75 out of 10

Pirates of the Caribbean- At Worlds End- 2

Pirates of the Caribbean : At World’s End offers up some touch-screen functionality to match the DS’s capabilities. Opening chests requires drawing a line between tumblers, while unlocking doors has you placing and turning gears. Often, DS games make the mistake of forcing you to juggle the buttons and the stylus, but fortunately this title always gives you ample time to make the switch. Of course, you’ll do it often, leaving you feeling like a pirate continually unsheathing and re-sheathing his blade.

Speaking of blades, dueling is the way you take care of key enemies. Unlike the prompt-heavy 360 version, you actually have to use some skill in reading your opponent’s movements here. It’s as much offense as defense, as the direction you slash with the stylus determines your attack. Work their health all the way down, then do a little stylus Simon-says to disarm the bad guy for good. It’s fun enough that you’ll welcome every instance a duel pops up.

Liar’s Dice is another Pirates extra. Those who have played it in dingy taverns in real life will chuckle to see it in an E-rated handheld video game, but it works rather well. You see your dice, but not other peoples’, then you bet how much of a certain number exists in all. If an opponent calls and you’re exposed as a liar, you lose a dice; if you’re correct, they lose one. Both Liar’s Dice and dueling can be played through wireless multiplayer, as well — with the former supporting four players and the latter being one-on-one.

Pirates of the Caribbean : At World’s End is by no means a must-have title for the DS, but it fares much better than most of the licensed fodder you see on the platform. Both movie fans and general gamers should get a few hours of fun out of it, and frustration is kept at a minimum — preventing you from becoming an irate pirate.

Review of Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo despite the fact that it has a sequel is still probably one of the greatest console racing games of all time. I truly think so with over a one hundred cars you can

customize your self, this game surpasses expectations of what the Playstation could do when it got released. My first impression of this was Wow! This game is so realistic. Not

only were the graphics beyond superb and the quality was high this game presented a lot of challenge, so those who think racing games are usually a bore they will not get

bored with this one any time soon. The music however during certain stages could have used some work, but that’s only on a couple of songs for the most part though this music was great. The only real problem with this game that I find is the difficulty. The simulation mode and License Test are unforgiving you will play hours and hours trying to pass one

exam and never make it. You have to be a perfect driver to do so. Other than that this game is excellent and one I would definitely adds to my collection.

Graphics of Gran Turismo 10/10

Do graphics get any better than this ? Some would say yes but at the time there wasn’t. Every car looked exactly like its real life counterpart and it moved just like it. The opening

FMV of the replay of the cars looks excellent, and every thing looks just as good as that in the game. The car reactions and the way it moves if you seen the real life cars they look and respond just like it here. The backgrounds in the game were gorgeous some of the stages like Trial Mountain, and Clubman Stage Five looked very good. The mountains were big and luminous and a tiny detail in the background added to the feeling you were really driving like trees over hanging above you, and branches in the road. You also had realistic looking racing tracks to drive on, complete with bleachers and seats for the fans to

look on. The crashes in the game weren’t realistic like you didn’t see big spinouts, and cars being set on fire. For the most pat you would just see it spin out of control and fly in the air, never flipping or anything. This is the only graphical aspect that could have been improved in my opinion. For the most part though the graphics were outstanding.



Enchanted Arms [X360]

Remember Final Fantasy VII How about Final Fantasy II ? These are games that used relatively new console technology to advance the realm of traditional RPGs. Conversely, do you remember

Beyond the Beyond? How about Orphen : Scion of Sorcery ? Probably not. That’s because these went the other direction: taking new power and doing absolutely nothing with it, and instead turning out a game just as crummy as anything in the previous generation. Enchanted Arms — the first traditional role-playing game for Xbox 360 — is at neither end of the quality spectrum, instead sitting firmly in the middle. As far as stories go, Enchanted Arms weaves a decent tale. It’s 1,000 years after the Golem Wars, where ancient magic and powerful robot-type creations clashed in an epic battle. In present day, golems have become a subdued, accepted part of society, while the only remnant of magic is its less powerful subset, enchanting. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, and the whole, world-threatening scenario may be making a return appearance.

At the heart of the matter is main character Atsuma. He is, perhaps, one of the most naive, careless, and idiotic protagonists in video game history. It’s so bad, the game goes into great detail on how to climb ladders, open chests, activate switches, and swim. Hint: They all require you to hit the A button. After this baby-talk, Atsuma has the option of asking his friend to repeat the tutorial — as if pressing A is too complicated. He may be dumb, From Software, but we are not.

Atsuma’s only saving grace is the intrigue of his right hand, which holds mysterious powers that could turn the tides of the impending conflict. Other playable characters aren’t helping matters, and the first portion of the game goes as follows: Atsuma makes a snap decision without thinking; the gallant Toya either enables him or bails him out; then Makoto either whines about Atsuma, or fawns over Toya (they’re both guys, by the way). Fortunately, you won’t have them in your party the entire game. The bad news is, future allies aren’t much more likeable. Basically, the annoying characters and their atrocious dialog neutralizes the good aspects of the plot.

Pirates of the Caribbean- At Worlds End

Use your stylus as a pirate’s cutlass and duel with some of history’s greatest scoundrels.

Movie-based titles on handheld systems are normally the video-game equivalent of Davy Jones’ locker — where nothing but death and sorrow reside. Pirates of the Caribbean : At World’s End bucks this trend by being a competent, fun little excursion with Jack Sparrow and the crew.

Fitting itself into the story arc of the films, At World’s End finds Capt. Jack sacrificing himself to save Will and Elizabeth — who in turn head out to find a way to bring him back to the living. This forces them to involve the most feared pirate lords of the day, and offers plenty of swashbuckling action.

As one of the main characters, you’ll work your way through action-platform-style locales from the movie, loosely following the film’s plot. That sounds rather unspectacular, but unusually for a movie-licensed game, the mechanics are definitely sound. At World’s End DS is easy to control, and varies up the gameplay for maximum entertainment. Even the camera, a stumbling block for the Pirates games on some other platforms, is relatively well-behaved.

Aside from simple button-mashing combat, each character has sub-weapons that sap energy from their savvy meter, like poison bombs, daggers to throw, or whips. Stealth kills instantly dispatch foes, but it’s not all about the fighting. Plenty of chests and gold await those willing to look around for them. Other items are also crucial — such as a bamboo pole for vaulting or a torch for shedding light on sticky situations.

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