GW 2 : Some highs and some lows 2

The real fun in GW 2, however began when the dragon event popped.

Lets face it everyone loves taking down a dragon!!!

The zone bursts to life and when a mass of players start to congregate you just start to get a flush of excitement as you feel tension around you building. You just know something big is in the works, see :

Then comes the dragon swooping from the sky scattering dust and rubble as it crashes to the ground, players suddenly jolt to life, every player to a man fighting for each other, reviving each other, the odd tactical tip shouted in map chat ‘Stay away from its head’ ‘target the legs’ ‘melee take out the adds’ and then come the victorious cheers when victory is achieved.

Sure the fights in GW 2 are a tad simplistic and I’ve never failed to take one down yet but its more about the general feeling and atmosphere these events create, they really are special and feel rewarding.

Anyway after we took him down we all had to log off but I think its fair to say we logged feeling fulfilled. It may only have been a few hours we spent as a small team but it did really ring home that this is how GW 2 should be played and when its at its best. Now we just have to wait until we are all online at the same time again…….

On a personal note I’m up to 66% map completion, I really need to write a post to help me keep track of what zones I’m done with and what exactly I still need to do. I am however looking forward to seeing that star next to my name and then heading back to Orr so I can continue with my crafting and gear up my toon a bit more. For the record I’m still wearing some blues and greens and some items are as low as level 50….. yeah you can tell I’m taking my time.




The Prince is back for another installment of the popular Prince of Persia franchise, and it’s about time. The aptly titled Prince of Persia brings new life to the franchise on the current generation of consoles and fans should be incredibly stoked to be a part of the ride. More : Prince of Persia : The Forgotten Sands (Wii)

On his way out into the desert wastes looking for his beloved donkey, this new rogue of a Prince bumps into a well-endowed female on the run from her father and his guards. Long story short, our hero must help his new found companion bring peace and green back to an expanse of desert. To do so, he’ll have to brave four different temples and a whole host of shadowy enemies.

prince of Persia gameplay

Prince of Persia takes its cue from the critically acclaimed Prince of Persia : Sands of Time and Shadow of the Colossus in terms of gameplay–you’ll find yourself running up walls, leaping across ledges, grabbing ropes and pretty much being an all-around acrobatic wonder (a la Mirror’s Edge) in this game. The gameplay is still as fun and balanced as it was during the Prince’s run during Sands of Time with one little wrinkle: instead of an enchanted hourglass, you’ve got Elika–an incredibly beautiful, tiny grouping of pixels there for the soul purpose of helping out the Prince by giving him expanded abilities, magic and the ever-useful double jump. While the Prince’s name might be on the box, it’s Elika who really makes this title shine. She’s essential to gameplay and creates a perfectly logical reason as to why video game characters get a « double jump. » By the end of the game you start to wish that Mario had Peach come along on some of his adventures to add that suspension of disbelief.

Combat is a simple affair, adopting the one-button combat approach boasted by Fable II. Here’s the thing, Prince of Persia does it better. The combat animations are fluid and look devastating to enemies, but the system still manages to make it feel like you have more control than you actually do–a feat that is not easily accomplished in games like this, especially at a constant framerate.

Speaking of which, the art director on this project should get a whole host of applause–the game looks stunning. From the character models to the absolutely phenomenal environments, this game would definitely be a reason to pick up an HD TV. UbiSoft should also get some props for their excellent voice cast–the voices in this game are spot on for their characters.

Of course, any game as highly anticipated as this does indeed have its flaws, minor though they may be. The game chooses to never let you die, instead having Elika save the Prince from certain death when he takes a nasty fall or gets the stuffing beat out of him by an enemy. This forgiving system, while perfect for casual gamers, will continually frustrate hardcore fans due to the lack of motivation for doing something right in a certain number of tries. While not necessarily a bad system, it does make us wonder why there isn’t a feature to turn off the Elika magical save ? Believe us, after the tenth or fifteenth time of seeing Elika grab the Prince’s hand shrouded in a magical blue glow, you’ll want to turn it off too.

All in all, this new installment in the Prince of Persia franchise gives some nostalgic nods to the past while blazing some new territory for the future. A solid game that deserves a lot of attention.

Warhammer review 2

Economy : Or should I say the lack there of. There is no economy in Warhammer. I’m not a fan of the auction house because I think it is a pain in the ass, but I’m wierd about that. I have always liked the shop method of buying and selling. Set up shop while your afk, and leave it at that. The lack of economy is only good for one thing, and that’t to keep gold sellers at a minimum. With no real reason of needing gold, then gold sellers are obsolete. I never find myself having to really work for something in Warhammer. This will probably be different when I start worrying about higher level gear, but after that then what ? The economy is boring enough said.

Zone Domination : Thank goodness they are making improvements to this, and making it easier to understand. When I first started I never knew really what was up with this thing. Now it’s starting to make better sense. It seems Mythic will keep making strides on this system. Which is good because it is the major part of the end-game.

Bug Fixes & Client Stabilty : Good thing they are keeping this on the top of their list. Ever evolving your game and the way it performs is a must. Keeping everything working correctly is a vital part to keeping subs. They still have some things to work on, but atleast they know it.

I touched on a few things that I think are important. I know there alot of other things that might be or are more important then these things, but these are some of my major concerns. All and all I think Warhammer is a good game, not great though. They have room for improvement in alot fo areas, but I have faith they will do their best in making this game an over the top success !

Warhammer Sneaks State of the Game…

Okay, so I’m going to list off some of the things that I am looking forward to, and things that are on my mind about Warhammer. Since Mark Jacobs has recently released another State of the Game to the public. This comes in the form of a novel (just a heads up). I would have given you an exact number, but quite frankly I have a few in mind with no real estimate on how many I wanna touch on. With that being said I will begin :

Server Merge : It was about time for this. I honestly and full heartedly think Mythic launched with way to many servers. I think they should have started with 15-20 and that’s it. They made great strides in the past months to transferr people to more populated servers, and this was good. I just think they should have done it sooner. Though I’m looking forward to Dark Crag gaining some new faces.

RvR : I still love killing people in Warhammer. I have liked all the skirmishes and keep sieges I have participated in. I even like scenarios sometimes when it isn’t a blow-out. I loved the idea of the open RvR influence rewards, and the willingness that Mythic has showed to improve every aspect of the RvR portion of the game. I think time will make this better, and the constant changes being made have all seemed for the better.

Patch 1.2: I think this patch was really good, and I’m looking forward to patch 1.3. I have been paying attention to my damage output lately on my Bright Wizard and it seems I’m doing well. I still think the combustion is a little high, but my damage output is good. I think most of it comes from the lack of gear I’m facing. I think the event went great, and the arrival of the Slayer and Choppa will be a big hit. The official forums seem to be rolling on nicely. Hopefully Mythic will keep getting the feedback they need to make their game even better. Overall I think this was a good patch.

Lack of Central Hubs : What I mean by this is, there doesn’t seem to be any great gathering points in the game. People are scattered everywhere thoughout the 4 tiers, 3 pairings, and numerous zones. The capital cities are nice, but I never see them flooded with people. I know in past games there were towns. As you progressed in the game you went and made a point to centralize yourself at these towns. These towns would be a center for economy, group building, and a starting point for pvp. In Warhammer I have never experienced anything like what I have in previous games.

GW 2 : Some highs and some lows

I think its fair to say I’ve had a bit of a mixed bag with GW 2 over the past week.

The big low is the guild we joined just isn’t working out as we had hoped. Being a multi game guild its just not as active as we want, sure its great being in a small guild and being a tight nit group if people are active and all participating however the way its panned out it seems recruitment is well down the pecking order and any dungeon runs that happen seem to just include the same people over and over with little rotation. Sure I have been invited and participated in a couple of runs but others are voicing their frustration and its hard not to disagree.

I think the problem stems from the fact that there was an original group of players who all know each other and played together in LoTRO and Rift and unless you really push to integrate yourself as I have then you wont get accepted. The fact its split with Teamspeak and guild chat makes it another challenge, I personally am bad at ignoring guild chat when on TS however when I’m not its just far too quiet with little conversation or plans. It’s a strange one as I can certainly see both sides of the argument, I will say that with games you don’t always want to have to force yourself to get on Teamspeak or put yourself forward for things and just generally go that extra yard. At the end of the day it’s a hobby and not an extra job and peoples opinions of this vary.

So after discussions with my brother in law and my mate I think we are on the look out for a bigger and more active guild. Whilst bigger isn’t always better I do think a big guild in GW 2 is beneficial, specifically if you don’t want to PuG dungeons.

On a more positive note the three of us (brother in law and mate) got together for the first time since GW 2 launched and headed off to tackle a zone. Taking into consideration our varying level and what each of us had completed already we chose to visit Blazeridge Steppes. Whilst the three of us together did make a formidable force as we chugged around the map filling hearts, completing skill points and finding vistas we did struggle somewhat on taking down the odd roaming champion mob. Its these spikes in difficulty which I really enjoy as it certainly keeps you on your toes.

WOW : Ghosting BFOs and Keeps

Does anyone else find that their realm seems more interested in backcapping and ghosting BFOs and Keeps ?

We spent a better half of this evening chasing Order from zone to zone to zone to zone.  They had similar numbers to us, 10-12+ against our 10, and after a fight would just sod off to another zone.  Theyd even forget their precious 500 RPs from the BFOs.

This isn’t WAR.  We didn’t get this game to run away like little girls from each other.  We came here to bash stunties, stab humies and kill pointy ears.  (Its different if you happen to be Order, but I’z a greenskin!)  Hell, it has devolved to the point where people would rather jump off a cliff and suffer a PVE death than actually fight to the death, no matter how futile the fight.

I mean, where is the fun in buying a game that advertises and is designed around heavy, large-scale open field combat.  Not pveing for renown.  It kind of disappoints me that people view renown as a grind rather than an achievement.  I mean, we see people complain about open with lines such as ‘I’d rather spend 30 minutes capping a zone for 4k renown than rvring for 1rp a kill’

One thing I really like about that line, is it is a complete and total load.  I’m RR46, and I get more renown from open rvring, hell you can get 30k easily in an hour or two, and thats not just with heal renown.  Forget heal renown when you can get a few hundred renown a kill, seriously.

Its amazing how much fun that you can have by getting the same old faces with you every night to do a bit of actually playing the game. Hell, even grabbing a few mates and tagging along with the zerg in the hot zerg on zerg action can end up with a great WAR night.

If only cross realm channels existed, I think my most used phrase would be “Drink a cup of Cement and harden the fuck up.”

Warhammer : Lost Vale

Went and did Lost Vale today.  Managed to get the first two bosses down Asahaxak or something and Malgor Greathorn were the first two bosses of the West wing.

Intresting instance, not as hard as Bilerot, but the boss fights are highly challenging.  The trash would be filed under more ‘annoying’ than actually difficult.  The first boss was substantially harder than the second boss, due to the difference in the encounters; both of which I’ll detail in further in.

warThe trash pulls in LV consist of lots of mobs, normally 2+, generally ~3-4.  Off the top of my head the worst trash mobs were Pleasuresomethings which had a range attack and Shamans which heal.  The melee mobs are pretty weak.

The first boss; some lizard beginning with A, was probably the hardest encounter of the night.  There were eggs in the pond in which she sits, and if you destroy one it enrages her.  She gains an enchantment which bolsters her defences by a large chunk, so it is worth using shatter enchantment to make the encounter easier.  At ~50% she hatches all the eggs and spawn a bunch of little lizards which hurt alot, but are non champions.  For us we had two sorcs pop their t4 with stuns and then a DoK pop theirs.  Mopped them up no worries.

At 25% she spawns another lizard which is identical to herself, however if you burn her hard enough this lizard doesn’t spawn, theres like a 15/20 second window to do so.

She dropped a Darkpromise cape, 30 wounds 30 toughness + resists and an Orc Choppa, 1h which had some insane stats, eg + to physical damage, toughness, initiative, strength and a socket.

The second boss is alot easier, though he is untauntable and un detauntable, meaning its really a control of aggro will win the fight.  There are mists on the ground that seem to do nothing apart from give the tank instant aggro, though I would advise them only being used in place of a taunt.  Really its just a tank and spank encounter.  Dropped a Darkpromise Staff for Sorcs, 84/84 Toughness & Int, plus a hot Magus staff, 40 Willpower, 17 Initiative, 54 int, 6% crit and two socket slots.

Called it after that, since it was getting late.  5d lockout too.